Philippe Paul observation on attention

Philippe Paul
Prof. Schulz
When a person is focusing, either by thinking; planning a move or performing a task they tend to filter out their surroundings. They may hear or see what lays besides, but due to the fact that their mind’s is elsewhere their surroundings is not registered. It is still somewhere in their memories, located to the part of their brain’s where you might consider it to be their “junk files”.Example: I myself (Philippe Paul) tend to get lost in watching my favorite show Tom and jerry. On the second of September my best-friend had came over to visit, to tell me about how his date went the previous night. I was on my couch watching television when he walked in and greeted me. Then he began to tell me about his date. I switched the Channel unintentionally and landed on Tom and jerry. From that point in time everything my friend was telling me was irrelevant to me and my focus turned swiftly to the t.v as I’m shaking my head in agreement to everything he was saying. To this day I recall nothing of what he was telling me. So because I filtered my friend story out my behavior can be consider as a negative reinforcement.

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  1. An interesting example, which suggests some interesting experiments. What do you think would happen if you tried doing this deliberately – in other words, how well do you think it would work if you decided to not listen to someone and used your cartoons to block them out? Another interesting experiment would be to assess how different things that you get absorbed in work, and what it takes for you to develop such capacities for blocking things out with other means. Does it only work for cartoons, for instance?
    In future, please add a line at the bottom to give a complete reference. Since this is a personal experience you would repeat that, but then state when, where, and, if pertinent, with whom the experience occurred.

  2. The first experiment is very interesting I’m also curious to know would the person that I wouild be ignoring notice and how long it would take them to notice? Right I will make sure that I include the reference next time. I just thought it would be okay to add all those details as Im giving the impression example.

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