Cooper Hewitt

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These were my top 3 exhibits that I found interesting at Cooper Hewitt museum. 1. What is affordable housing? Toolkit and rent regulation rights posters, 2010- Present It was designed by Center for Urban Pedagogy and graphic design by MTWTF and IntraCollaborative and collaborator: Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence and printed by The Prolific Group. It is […]

Women’s Press Collective: 5th Week

In my 5th week in working in WPC, several volunteers and I;  help out sending out the latest WPC magazine by putting them on the envelope, stamping them, putting the address tag and placing them on boxes categorized by boroughs. I visited Big Apple Graphics with Lisa my manager.  We visited Sean, he’s the head […]

72 and Sunny

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I went to 72 and Sunny agency, where they gave us their time to explain the process of the work that the company provides to their clients (Sprite, Smirnoff, Samsung, SONOS, etc.) and how they divide the work among each other. They showed us a final work for Smirnoff. ( ) ( )  

New York City Comic Con 2016

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I went to New York City Comic Con 2018 at the Jacobs K. Javits Convention Center. Comic Con is convention for American comics and from other nationalities, popular Animations and other mainstream art. While I was there I met a few artists and saw Live drawings from Autodesk SketchBook panel. One of my favorite Illustrators […]

Women’s Press Collective: 2nd Week

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In my second week working at Women’s Press Collective my manager and I went to a printing company in Jersey City. Diversified Global Graphics Group, they print in mass production for different companies. They gave us a tour of the company and how they work. I was surprise as to how big the company was and […]

Samsung Trip

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Hello! On Sept 23, 2016 I went to Samsung’s 837 Experience lab with The Art and Design Club. I had lots of fun and learned a lot about Samsung’s new products. The 360 camera, 3D glasses and the decorative accessories for both Men and Women. I experience the 3D glasses for the first time and […]