Cooper Hewitt

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These were my top 3 exhibits that I found interesting at Cooper Hewitt museum.

1. What is affordable housing? Toolkit and rent regulation rights posters, 2010- Present

It was designed by Center for Urban Pedagogy and graphic design by MTWTF and IntraCollaborative and collaborator: Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence and printed by The Prolific Group. It is dated 2010–present.

I found this project really well done and easy to understand in my opinion. I liked the colors and the placement of it as you go up or down in the museum. It gives you the numbers by boroughs and how hight is the rent on each borough.

2. Occuprint, 2011- Present.

It was designed by Josh MacPhee, Jesse Goldstein, Antonia Levy, Lindsay Caplan, Occuprint Collective and John Boy and collaborator: Marshall Weber. It is dated 2011–present.

I liked this project because I liked the fact that they provide an alternative media and that they have helped companies with other several projects, providing fresh and realistic ideas.

3. Silkscreen for Printing, Cherry Forever, 2014

Designed by Michael Angelo and made by Flavor Paper. It is dated 2014 and we acquired it in 2015. Its medium is silkscreen in frame.

I liked this Printing because I though it looked really simple but pretty. It also gave me the idea to make one and transmitted to the drawing table in the room in which it was held at.


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