Women’s Press Collective: 5th Week

In my 5th week in working in WPC, several volunteers and I;  help out sending out the latest WPC magazine by putting them on the envelope, stamping them, putting the address tag and placing them on boxes categorized by boroughs.

I visited Big Apple Graphics with Lisa my manager.  We visited Sean, he’s the head of the company and he has helped WPC for years by cutting paper to certain sizes and printing out film for the printing press. He was kinda and a had calm personality. Lisa also gave him the latest WPC magazine and talked about the articles and topics that are included in the magazine. The printing press is a small one thats located on the Brooklyn Army Terminal
It was my first time visiting The Brooklyn Army Terminal and I was fascinated by the structure of the place and the train that was settle there. Everything looked like if it was a movie set. Beside the view of the place I learned that Sean’s help in WPC has a great positive impact in the organization and Lisa is grateful for it.



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