Samsung Trip

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On Sept 23, 2016 I went to Samsung’s 837 Experience lab with The Art and Design Club. I had lots of fun and learned a lot about Samsung’s new products. The 360 camera, 3D glasses and the decorative accessories for both Men and Women. I experience the 3D glasses for the first time and I 100% recommend it. The 3D glasses took me to different parts of the globe and showed me up close a Brachiosaurus (the long neck dinosaur) it scared me how all of it felt so real. It also took me to one of Six Flags’s roller coster, it felt so real and fun!. We took a group picture which later was showed on a big screen, the picture was made out of selfie pictures. The guider told us that they (Samsung) has the biggest selfie in the globe…so far. There was a room called Social Galaxy in which you shared your instagram, your pictures and hashtags will later appeared on room that had mirrors and tv screens, making it look endless. Fans of the show Stranger things will have the pleasure to see a mini set of the living room of the show, also a 360 photo boot based on the show.

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