Women’s Press Collective: Final week

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My last week at Women’s Press Collective was fun. I helped print Holiday card, learned new things from the printer and send the Holiday cards to all the volunteers and met new people. Went to Barnes and Noble to help gift wrapping and help WPC get new volunteers and donations. I learn that gift wrapping is […]

Women’s Press Collective #9

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In week 9th, a client who’s publishing a small book about her life; needed helped with the pictures that were going to be on the book. I helped her organize the pages, adding pages, text, photos and editing. She was by my side asking me questions, providing me with the pictures that she wanted on […]

Women’s Press Collective: 6th Week

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In my 5th week in working in WPC, An organization came to visit from New Jersey. They come to WPC to learn the process of printing and how the printing press works. Lisa my manager was the instructor and a few volunteers who have learned the printing press also helped to print 500 flyers. The session […]

Women’s Press Collective: 5th Week

In my 5th week in working in WPC, several volunteers and I;  help out sending out the latest WPC magazine by putting them on the envelope, stamping them, putting the address tag and placing them on boxes categorized by boroughs. I visited Big Apple Graphics with Lisa my manager.  We visited Sean, he’s the head […]

Dining Etiquette Dynamics

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This was my first time to have a Dining Etiquettes class and it was fun learning the history of why we have utensil and how to use them while dining out. One thing I learn was the difference of the spoons at the table. The rounded spoons is for your soup or dessert. While the […]

New York City Comic Con 2016

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I went to New York City Comic Con 2018 at the Jacobs K. Javits Convention Center. Comic Con is convention for American comics and from other nationalities, popular Animations and other mainstream art. While I was there I met a few artists and saw Live drawings from Autodesk SketchBook panel. One of my favorite Illustrators […]


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I am an undergraduate college student at New York City College of Technology. I major in Communication Design with a concentration in Advertising. Other than art I also love to do photography, and explore places around New York City. I also enjoy foreign music, movies,arts & craft, handball, soccer and I am a self-proclaimed foodie. […]