Women’s Press Collective #8

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In my 8th week working at WPC, for this week Alvin (classmate who’s also doing Internship at WPC) and I, helped a client with her Business card and a picture collage template for WPC magazine. The client who needed help with her business card, asked us to print it. In WPC, the printers only print in two colors and so we had to change the business card into two colors only. It was a bit of a challenge, because she sent us the file but it didn’t include the fonts and other things. We worked with what w e had and turn the business card into black and white.

The picture collage template, every intern was asked to make one or several in order to have variety in the next magazine issue.

We also had a goodbye party to an important person who has helped WPC grow in Europe, mainly in Switzerland. Her name is Nathalie, she was helping Lisa with conferences and to translating WPC magazine for the first time into another language (Switz-German) to be distributed in Europe.