Questions about Beloved

When Sethe is choked, is it Beloved, or is it the spirit of Baby Suggs? indeterminate

What is the circle of iron? is it a representation of her past? a necklace? noose? chains–shackles?

Why does Sethe go to the Clearing? To connect with Baby Suggs

Why does she feel she needs to connect with Baby Suggs? Because she’s been remembering when she first got to 124 and what Baby Suggs did for her; also for help making sense of what Paul D told her about how Halle saw what happened to her with the schoolteacher and his two boys.

What’s the iron bit situation with Paul D? a punishment that locked his mouth.

What’s the deal with Beloved? who is she? where did she come from? is she the baby ghost?

What’s the purpose of not cleaning the baby’s eyes and waiting for Sethe’s urine? Baby Suggs’s home remedy

How can something horrific keep you from your loved ones?

Who is the narrator? not part of the story–not homodiegetic. third person. jumps to first person who is limited? characters as focalizers, free indirect discourse.