Paul D’s sorrow

Through reading the story “beloved” and some researches about the slavery in 1980’s in the South visiting on the Internet, visiting BHS, and Franklyn and Schweninger’s “Runway Slaves” I learned more detail of it. How much it was brutal. How awfully owners treated their slaves. How much terrible their both psychological and physical wounds were…

In the very end of chapter 2 in “beloved”, Paul D casted his sorrow asking Stamp Paid a fundamental question. “Tell me this one thing. How much is a nigger supposed to take? Tell me. How much?” Then, Stamp answered “All he can, All he can.” At first, I felt Stamp’s answer was too cold. However, it was the reality to them. In that cruel circumstance, Stamp just couldn’t have cheered him up with irresponsible optimistic attitude. Paul D presented his sense of deep despair crying out “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?”. When I read this scene, I was reminded those scenesthat Sethe was raped and hit with whip; Paul D’s iron bit, slaughter of Sixo and Paul A, death of baby girl by her mother’s hand… The simple word “Why” intensely echoed in my mind.

I tried to visualized Paul D’s sorrow on the drawing. The blood is symbol of violence, fear and pain. Chain represents restraint.

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