“It’s not evil, just sad”

This semester, as a class, we read Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Beloved has so many great moments and statements that could make a person think really hard about what was said and themselves. The quote that made me feel a sense of “wow” was, “It’s not evil, just sad”, which was said by Sethe. She was telling Paul D that the presence of the house was not of anything evil, just full of sadness. I drew this picture because just like my quote, this picture has a lot of mystery to it. In my picture I wanted to depict the idea of the house not knowing whether it wants to be evil or sad. The idea that Sethe thought she could identify what emotion or feeling the house was carrying was a little unjust to me. Only the house can determine what it wants to feel. When I first read this quote in Beloved I too asked these questions about the house or the presence of the house. Even as the story went on and answered these questions, it only added to my interest of this statement made by Sethe. At times the house would seem sad to Sethe because she didn’t want to see her baby’s spirit in a bad way and she knew why the baby’s spirit would be sad. On the other hand if we look at the way the house treated people it was of an evil essence. I used the colors of red and black with the inspiration of the movie Beloved, when Paul D first entered the house it turned red and looking deeper it was black. Black can signify sadness, just like when people go to funerals they wear black, or when someone is filled with sorrow they sit in darkness.  Red and black are typical colors of evil and sadness. I wrote the numbers 1, 2, and 4 backwards on the house to depict how unorthodox the house seemed to me.

Beloved: what lies ahead

this art work shows one of the moments in Beloved by Toni Morrison that if it would not have happened it would change the story’s outcome dramatically. the moment depicted in the drawing is when Sethe, Denver and Paul D return from a good day at the carnival. Denver had begun to accept Paul D more or less and Paul D had a sense of family together. this could be a start of a new life, he had banished the baby ghost from the house, denver had begun to accept him and he had promise of a steady job. they were walking together as depicted in the drawing and their shadows are holding hands symbolizing a start of a family bond or unity, but that all changed when they saw Beloved on the side of the road near the stump. I chose to do a drawing because i like to do things visually. i am a visual learner and i am a graphic designer. i wanted to visualize and make into a illustration of what i was reading and how i was picturing it. what was going through my mind and how i was visualizing it as i was reading beloved.

Part 2


Beloved by Toni Morrison involves a runaway slave named Sethe who killed off her newborn baby, Beloved, to save her from living the life she lived.In an effort to keep Beloved’s memory alive, she takes in a random woman who claims she is Beloved. “Denver tended to her, watched her sound sleep, listened to her labored breathing and, out of love and a breakneck possessiveness that charged her, hid like a personal blemish Beloved’s incontinence” My scene was when Sethe believes that Beloved is really her daughter. Throughout the passage one paragraph that stood out to me was how attached Denver got to Beloved from the moment they found her. This was intriguing because Denver was not the type to be dependent on someone so much, she was very self absorbed. I chose to do a concrete image of this passage because the image of the skull represents death and Beloved is believed to come back from the dead, but isn’t believed to be dead. I believe that if Beloved never came then Denver and Sethe would not have been the same.

Beloved~Essay2 Artwork

Sethe's back

Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved is about a life of a former slave, Sethe. She was raised as a slave at a plantation called “Sweet Home.” Their lives were peaceful when Mr.Garner was in charge, because of his generosity and mercy (by slave owner standards), but their lives changed when he died. Then a man called “schoolteacher” took over. Schoolteacher was cruel. When schoolteacher was in charge, Sethe was abused by him and his nephews, which makes her understand that she cant let her children be slaves. She decided to send her children away to Ohio, and then she ran away. But when schoolteacher found Sethe, she had to make a tough decision in order to protect her children. She wanted to kill all her children but only succeeded with the newborn baby with a tombstoned named “Beloved.”
The quotation “I took one journey and i got paid for the ticket” refers to Sethe killed one of her baby girl. Throughout the story, Sethe’s painful memories kept coming back. Then a random women named “Beloved” showed up in their lives. Sethe later came to believe that she was her dead baby girl who came back to her. In this art work, I tried to show that Sethe’s painful memories became the scars on her back; it “grows there still,” and had became a pattern of a “tree,” never to disappear.



In chapter 8 I decided to focus on strength. Amy Denver was only looking for velvet and Sethe was just trying to get away from her past. Amy Denver, the little white girl that ‘she is also called saved the day. The time period of slavery was very rough, so running away, if found came with a very bad consequence up to being starved to being branded with an r on your body. Two strangers met randomly but connected somehow. The young girl could have easily turned Sethe over back to Mr. Garner and probably could have been closer to getting the velvet she always wanted.

Amy Denver completed a selfless act and without her stepping in, chances of Sethe and her baby probably would have never made it on their own. With Denver, getting the last name of savior it shows that each of these women are associated with strength by doing the right things even if you have to put your desires aside for the better. Amy Denver coming into the picture in Beloved was a great scene because it  showed that despite her skin color, she did what she would want anyone to do for her if she was in that situation.



This sketch was created to depict the subtle transition of Beloved coming into the lives of the characters living at 124.  Beloved is drown without a face to express her mystic and her presence as the embodiment of Sethe’s deceased child.  Although she was yet to be introduced in the novel’s opening scene, Beloved is also used in this sketch as a reminder of ghost that haunted the house.  She is also ever present in this sketch, even though she’s off center, the focus is on her by drawing her slightly larger (close up) than the other characters.

Center, you can see Sethe and Paul D chatting on the stoop of the house as they were the beginning of the novel (reproduced based on the movie) while Beloved is to the right.

In the background you can see “124 Bluestone road”,  the house that Sethe lived in.  The curtains are slightly closed, adding to the mystic of the novel.

Physical and Mental Devastation

This picture depicts the scene from Beloved where Mr. Garner dies and schoolteacher takes over the sweet home. Life for the slaves became miserable from the day schoolteacher entered the sweet home. His torture and abusive behavior were intolerable due to which slaves went through physical and mental devastation.

This is a composite picture created in Photoshop combining three different pictures and one word art. I chose the picture to be colorless (black and white) because the picture represents a painful scene and I wanted to imprint the sadness in the picture. I created the word art with the help of online site www.wordle.net. This word art highlights some of the important words related to the scene such as tears, Garner, pregnant, milk. The picture at the bottom right shows three men brutally beating a man. This act represents the conduct of schoolteacher at sweet home. The next picture, which is at the bottom left, shows a scared mother embracing her child. She has fear on her face but at the same time, she is giving her affection and protection to her child from the threat. She represents Sethe, who is the only female slave in the sweet home. Sethe didn’t want her children to live the life in sweet home. The third picture at the top left shows an eye with a teardrop. The teardrop has an image of a child inside it, which means a mother is crying for her child. This teary eye represents feeling of Sethe as well as Mrs. Garner. Schoolteacher abused pregnant Sehte and took the milk of her child and when Sethe told Mrs. Garner about schoolteacher, Mrs. Garner’s eyes rolled out tears.

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Two Roads

I always thought that one of Beloved’s main purposes was to force Sethe to stagnate under the weight of her painful past. With that said, the moment I chose was when Paul D first banished the baby ghost from 124 at the novel’s start. Notice that the windows, as well as the open doorway, all burn a strong red, something I did to symbolize the intensity of the struggle between the baby ghost and Paul D. From the windows come vines, wrapping themselves around 124; and from the top right hand window, a giant flower makes it’s way out of the house. The flower represents Beloved, unopened and wilting before she was given the chance to bloom in life. Going with the interpretation that the baby ghost and Beloved are one in the same, the flower which represents Beloved is leaving the house, though not entirely, still holding onto 124 and it’s inhabitants with the vines coming through the windows. The flower is also going off in the opposite direction as the walkway, symbolizing the way Beloved served as a separator of Sethe from her community.

This is where the title comes from. “Two Roads” represents the two choices which Sethe is eventually presented with: Denver, Paul D, and their community down one road, and Beloved down the other.

The further down the walkway, the more the red coming from the house begins to fade, a representation of  the therapeutic atmosphere that the community can provide Sethe with.

For this piece, I drew the outline with pencil, then added color and effect using acrylic paints. The different shades of blue in the sky represent the patchwork of different experiences that exist in the world outside of 124, all of which are denied to Sethe and Denver so long as they allow themselves to be confined in 124. The blue, green and brown that make up the dirt floor represent the experiences of those long gone, and how the past can always be felt, as it intermingles with the present.

“That Ain’t Her Mouth.”

beloved (pdf)

I used this section of the passage I chose for Essay #2 to become a sort of visual poem. I thought that the language used by Toni Morrison in this section is so full of imagery and metaphors and I wanted to mirror that with an actual visual text. There are so many concrete and significant images in that section of the text I chose and I thought it would be important to highlight them. Some of the words are crossed out, underlined, or italicized for visual and dramatic effect. Each phrase gets bigger in font size by the line because it’s a poetic build up to this horrific realization that such a terrible thing had been done. With this visual text I hope that anyone viewing will realize the emotion in the narration, and can realize how powerful words can jump off a page to become art, news, or evoke feelings like sadness and shock. I also chose the colors to be similar to the cover art on my copy of the book Beloved. I liked that color scheme and I chose to work with it because I thought it would apply and be relevant to this visual project.

Being Creative with Text


The passage I chose for Essay 2 as the moment most crucial to the story of Beloved by Toni Morrison was the death of Mr. Garner, and the coming of schoolteacher. This moment is important in the novel because if it would have not happened, our story would have had a different outcome, specifically, the main characters Paul D and Sethe would have not run away the way that they did in the novel. For the creative part of the assignment, I borrowed the idea of creating an image of the passage using Wordle.net, a website that allows you to create a word cloud with text that one would like to see in a different perspective. I thought this was interesting because the words are placed on the screen in a random order, with random font and color. This allowed me to be creative with the colors and the way the text was presented, the font the background and other interesting things that I was able to play with to make it look better. What I liked the most about using wordle, the way my text was generated and the way the image looks is that the words that stand out the most are in capital letters which are “slavery”, “rested”, “Garner”, and “alive.” These words are very strong and placing emphasis so that they can be seen better was very important.


“Why me?”

          In the Story Beloved by Toni Morrison, we see different scenes which lead to the outcome and the climax of the story. My picture basically portrays the summary of my essay. Starting with the babies throat being slit by Sethe, which lead to the ghost hunting 124. The wedding dress portrays what Sethe wore when she was getting married to Halle. Also “124 was spiteful. Full of a baby’s venom”. Basically 124 is being hunted by the ghost of Beloved and 124 is very unstable. The river bank is said to be where Beloved resurrected from. Also the circus is where Beloved, Denver and Sethe went for quality time and it reminded Sethe of what being a family was like. Basically if Beloveds throat was never slit, the outcome of the whole story would’ve changed. And 124 wouldn’t have been hunted by Beloved’s ghost.

Her Beloved Which was not beloved

 (Sethe being tortured ,this picture stood out for me)

Tony Morrison is one of the most discussed authors who  can describe their entire novel in a word , and sometimes it’s not enough ever writing a entire paragraph. That’s how strong her writing is. In he famous Beloved there are various quotes but the one that .But the one that gave me an entire view of the book was the verse from Roman 9:25 where it was stated

“It was her people

Who were not her people

And her beloved

Which was not beloved “

In this two line everything about the story is told .Sethe use to live in that neighborhood where no one liked her, and he loved Beloved who she had to kill and her ghost harmed her family .So being with the people she couldn’t be their and tough love between her and beloved



“It’s not evil, just sad”

This semester, as a class, we read Toni Morrisons Beloved. Beloved has so many great moments and statements that could make a person think really hard about what was said and themselves. The quote that made me feel a sense of “wow” was, “It’s not evil, just sad”, which was said by Sethe. She was telling Paul D that the presence of the house was not of anything evil, just full of sadness. I choose this picture to coincide with my quote because this picture has a lot of mystery to it. The cat is black with injury an injury to its front leg; making you wonder what happen to the cat, is the cat sad, who made the cat this way and why. When I first read this quote in Beloved I too asked these questions about the house or the presence of the house. Even as the story went on and answered these questions, it only added to my interest of this statement made by Sethe. This picture came to me when I typed in the Google image search engine “It’s not evil, just sad”. As soon as I seen this photo I felt it instantly described how I felt when reading this.