“It’s not evil, just sad”

This semester, as a class, we read Toni Morrisons Beloved. Beloved has so many great moments and statements that could make a person think really hard about what was said and themselves. The quote that made me feel a sense of “wow” was, “It’s not evil, just sad”, which was said by Sethe. She was telling Paul D that the presence of the house was not of anything evil, just full of sadness. I choose this picture to coincide with my quote because this picture has a lot of mystery to it. The cat is black with injury an injury to its front leg; making you wonder what happen to the cat, is the cat sad, who made the cat this way and why. When I first read this quote in Beloved I too asked these questions about the house or the presence of the house. Even as the story went on and answered these questions, it only added to my interest of this statement made by Sethe. This picture came to me when I typed in the Google image search engine “It’s not evil, just sad”. As soon as I seen this photo I felt it instantly described how I felt when reading this.

2 thoughts on ““It’s not evil, just sad”

  1. The assignment asked for you to create the image–this seems to be an image that you took from somewhere. Rather than finding an image, what can you create to depict your moment in Beloved?

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