This sketch was created to depict the subtle transition of Beloved coming into the lives of the characters living at 124. Ā Beloved is drown without a face to express her mystic and herĀ presenceĀ as the embodiment of Sethe’s deceased child. Ā Although she was yet to be introduced in the novel’s openingĀ scene, Beloved is also used in this sketch as a reminder of ghost that haunted the house. Ā She is also ever present in this sketch, even though she’s off center, the focus is on her by drawing her slightly larger (close up) than the other characters.

Center, you can see Sethe and Paul D chatting on the stoop of the house as they were the beginning of the novel (reproducedĀ based on the movie) while Beloved is to the right.

In the background you can see “124 Bluestone road”, Ā the house that Sethe lived in. Ā The curtains are slightly closed, adding to the mystic of the novel.