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May 6 Reading Post

What is the single most important obstacle in your reading process? Is it about understanding the main ideas?  unfamiliar vocabulary? recognizing writing patterns? Understanding the writer’s purpose? or another element of reading?

Please select only one and explain how not being able to decipher the information can make reading much harder for you.

April 29th Reading blog post – Stressed to Death

Everyone experiences some sort of stress, but it manifests differently for each person. In some cases, people become so stressed that it influences the way they physically feel.  Using at least some of the following words, please describe a circumstance in which you were so scared that you literally thought your health was at risk.  Word list:

acute,alert, chronic, close call, cope (with), crisis, ease tensions, exhaustion, fatigue, feel sorry for, frustration, get out of hand, haggard, impede, impulse, irritated, minimize the impact, overwhelmed, pick-me-up, relaxed, release pressure, relieve stress, scream, symptoms, take it easy, tranquility, trigger, turmoil, tune out.

Helping yourself to Relax

In “Plain Talk about Handling Stress”, Louis E Kopolow provides 11 ways to Help yourself relax. Over the past few weeks, because of the Corona Virus and “Shelter in Place” recommendations, many of you have been  stressed out and staying at home.  Of the 11 suggestions on p 65, which one do you find most useful and how do you practice it? Please take time to explain carefully.