Helping yourself to Relax

In “Plain Talk about Handling Stress”, Louis E Kopolow provides 11 ways to Help yourself relax. Over the past few weeks, because of the Corona Virus and “Shelter in Place” recommendations, many of you have been  stressed out and staying at home.  Of the 11 suggestions on p 65, which one do you find most useful and how do you practice it? Please take time to explain carefully.

9 thoughts on “Helping yourself to Relax

  1. The best way to me is share our stress, because when you don’t express your concers to another person, you can suffocate in your own problems. That’s why we have to talk with a professional or with a confidence to get opinion in what to do when we are stress. We have to ask for help when we can manage our problems .

  2. Make time for fun is the way that I use during that periods. That is a dull time so I had choose to play video games while working on homework, this is the most useful because you only can do limited stuff in that certain area

  3. I feel like physical activities help me with relieving stress. For example I like to jump rope however I’m unable to step out of the house because of the virus, but because I live in the last floor of a house I am able to jump rope without disturbing anyone.

  4. By staying at home during the pandemic I make time for fun,because it’s the thing I need the most at this moment. When I woke up the first thing I do is listening to music,which is one of my habit,even when Im doing my homework I still got my music on to keep my motivation on .In addition I watch comedy or action movies on Netflix,texting or FaceTime with friends.All that make me feel less stressful during the pandemic moment.

  5. I think the last one is suitable for me which is ” the art of relaxation ” just find an activities that make you more relax ,pleasure and the same time gives you some knowledge, for me watching a movies on Netflix with English subtitles helps me a lot to develop my skills in listening and reading, also building my vocabularies.

  6. In the present situation we all are in stress. I personally suffering lots of stress for my family. Because my father is a heart patient. when I read this article, its help me how to handle the present situation. From 11 suggestions, I found most helpful one is TRY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. This is most important for me and also my family. In my personal experience when I am doing some physical activity I feel more relax .

  7. I was going to say physical activity but since all the gyms are closed I can’t choose it. So i choose making time for fun because it is the most convenient for me and most people at this time. For example playing video games and playing with friends.

  8. The best way for me to escape from emotional stress is make time for self. I found that is useful because when I was setback, I like spend more time on relax, to come down. For example, I like to go kalaok with my friends, spend time with my family and eat more, sleep well. For doing hose ativetes are need a lot of time, but I need time to empty my brain. I also found that, make a gap when you feel emotion stress is good for me to keep going.

  9. I find watching movie with my siblings is the most useful for me . After I do my homework me and my siblings watch new movie at night on the television. Also I play video game to relax myself after a long day during the homework.

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