May 6 Reading Post

What is the single most important obstacle in your reading process? Is it about understanding the main ideas?  unfamiliar vocabulary? recognizing writing patterns? Understanding the writer’s purpose? or another element of reading?

Please select only one and explain how not being able to decipher the information can make reading much harder for you.

9 thoughts on “May 6 Reading Post

  1. My single most important obstacle in reading process is unfamiliar some vocabulary.
    When I read any article in Newspaper, I always trouble for unfamiliar vocabulary. Therefore, I google those word and make a notes from those word. This is one thing, I am more focusing to improve my reading skills.

  2. The most important in my reading process is unfamiliar vocabulary. When I had read a book there’s a lot of vocabulary that I don’t know so I will not follow up the lesson by not understand what is happening in the story.

  3. My obstacle is unfamiliar vocabulary which make it a little bit complicated for me sometimes.In a reading when I don’t understand several words its really hard for me to understand the purpose of text.

  4. I think the new vocabularies are more difficult than others for me because if I understand most of the passage I will be able to know the whole meaning of the the passage.

  5. I feel like it’s understanding the main idea I get lost when I’m reading a article. The article brings up to many points which confuses me and if I understand that the main idea it would help me answer the questions correctly also could help with writing an essay about it.

  6. The single most important obstacle in my reading process is miss uderstanding vocabulary. In some reading passage, that’s a lot of vocabulary is new for me. I can figure it out some of them by keep reading, but some of the words abstruse me on understanding the whole passage. In some case, the vocabulary may affecting me on getting the right choose.

  7. The single most important obstacle in my reading process is understand the writer’s purpose sometimes I confused on what the writer means on the text. Also, the unfamiliar word if I don’t understand the text its hard for me to find the main idea.

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