Urgent Announcements:

How to navigate Open Lab: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mMldJeh8bPopGSewPNq8bL5UofF6Bwjb/view?usp=sharing

Course Description:

Welcome to Reading I:  In this class, by the end of the semester, students should acquire the following competencies:

  • Identify topics, main ideas, points of view and supporting details
  • Recognize various types of writing
  • Identify writing organization i.e. chronological order, spatial order etc.
  • Analyze text to determine genre and writer’s purpose
  • Distinguish types of support for a thesis i.e. facts, examples, explanation etc.
  • Provide both written and oral responses to different types of content questions
  • Develop topic sentences.
  • Develop written outlines, summaries and paraphrases.
  • Distinguish stated information from implied information.
  • Distinguish valid inferences from invalid inferences.
  • You will learn many new vocabulary words and strategies for learning them.
  • The students will have a library tour to get familiarized with finding study resources.
  • They will use Internet search engines to locate additional articles on textbook based themes and topics.
  • Improve test-taking skills

Course Objectives:

The goal of the class is to improve your reading comprehension skills. This will be achieved by mastering the lessons in the text book.  By the end of the term you should be able to identify the main idea of a reading passage; distinguish major from minor details; recognize patterns of organization; understand the author’s purpose, and other things that will help you read faster with better comprehension. The class will also focus on developing your English vocabulary.