9 thoughts on “April 13th Reading blog Generating energy

  1. when I feel unmotivated is mostly when i play games for long time, the way that I re-energize is to do some different activities like doing homework

  2. Well it can vary from the situation. If I feel lazy the first thing I would do is drink energy drink or coffee. Or take a walk for five minutes so my get wormed up. If it didn’t work I would call my friend and see if he can give me an advice.

  3. In certain cases when I feel lazy and I want to get some energy I just think for the easy and fast way which is for me drink a cup of coffee instead of doing excersie such as a running or walking which are definitely the better way to feel active besides it’s affecting on your mood getting better.

  4. When I am unmotivated I will make a commit ion to myself. For example, if I did something it was changed, I will get a cup of babo tea or anything eles to reward myself. Also, I will do some workout when I am lazy to work on anything, it helps to wake up my brain.

  5. To energize myself I would think of my long-term goals and it would give me motivation. I’ll also get me a cup of tea it tends to wake me up sometimes which energizes me. Though I also use a app called “2do” it helps me schedule my day I can write notes on it and it can give me reminders.

  6. I energize or reenergize when I am feeling unmotivated or lazy by doing the things I suppose to do. Also, I motivated myself to do something before the day end.

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