STUDENT ENGAGEMENT,why clubs matter.聽 Ink club mentor, how does this tie back to classroom practices, engagement and retention.聽 Also …PICS. PICS PICS

CLUBS Advisor to the Ink Club: 2017- 2022 The Ink Club is a student-run club focused on illustration, cartooning, and sequential art. As the advisor to the ink club, I give guidance on professional strategies, conduct workshops during club hours, arrange guest speakers, and help develop strategic partnerships for the club such as with professional organizations like the Museum of Comic book Arts (MoCCA) and the New York Society of Illustrators. After 2 years of remote learning, the ink club had lost membership.聽 During the FA21- SP22 academic year, I mentored the club in its goal of recreating culture and building morale.聽 In Spring 2022 this work resulted in a very successful student showcase.聽 Ink Club students designed and published an anthology of original work.聽聽 They exhibited their work amongst professionals at the MoCCA Arts Festival 2022.聽 MoCCA is Manhattan’s largest independent comics, cartoon, and animation festival, drawing over 7,000 attendees each year. Documentation: INK Club Anthology INK CLUB at MoCCA Spring 2022 INK CLUB WINS 2018/2019     MOCCA FLAMECON PICNICS ANTHOLOGY AWARDS