Week 13 – Capstone design: building solutions 2

Date 11/30

  • Topic: Capstone design 4


  • Review your design project and plan for prototyping


In-class: Develop the selected solution

Design a Prototype (100 pts)

  1. Build a prototype.
  2. The prototype should include
    • verification of key functions
    • visual representation of your solution
    • illustration of user experience
    • design requirement – use Arduino
  3. The prototype can be a form of
    • Computer simulation (CAD + scenario)
    • Rapid-modeling
    • 3D printed modeling
    • Others
  4. With the prototype, you should be able to see if your solution addresses the problem requirements and constraints identified at the problem identification stage.
  5. Test your solution if it effectively work to help vulnerable people.


  • In your group, develop a plan to implement your team solution.
  • Be prepare for prototype and final presentation.
  • Prototype due
    • Dec 7th
  • Final project due
    • Dec 14th