General Information

New York City College of Technology

Department of Career and Technology Teacher Education

Course Title : EDU-4480 Principles of Engineering

Credit Hours: 3                                                

Class Meeting Times: Monday 4:15 – 7:35 pm

Instructor: Euisuk Sung,

Office Hours: Monday 1:00-4:00 pm

Class Format: Fully Online, Synchronous     

Office Hours: Monday1-4pm or by appointment M-F 9am-5pm via Zoom


This course is a laboratory-based capstone course designed to enable the student teacher to study the relationship among mathematics, science and engineering. Focus is on the integration of the content of these disciplines into the secondary school technology curriculum and to stimulate student interest in pursuing engineering and technology careers.

Prerequisites: MAT 1375 or higher, PHYS 1112 or PHYS 1434 or PHYS 1442


The following objectives will be connected directly to the assignments on a weekly basis to increase your awareness of the purpose and intention behind assignments.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: 

  1. Identify real-world problems that need to be solved using technological and engineering design.
  2. Conduct design research to inform inventions and innovations that address specific needs and wants.
  3. Develop a plan that incorporates knowledge from science, mathematics, and other disciplines to design or improve a technological product or system.
  4. Use conceptual, graphical, virtual, mathematical, and physical modeling to demonstrate the design solution.
  5. Develop design solutions using advanced technological tools to solve the identified problem.
  6. Apply a broad range of making skills to their design process
  7. Assess design solutions using design criteria and constraints.
  8. Document the engineering design process using an online portfolio platform and share the final design to the public.


  1. No textbook (Instructor will provide required materials)
  2. Arduino Uno R3 Kit (microcontroller)
  3. Capstone design project materials (depend on your project)


1.  Arduino Uno R3 Learning Modules

2.  Hacking STEM

3. Instructables –


  • You will earn 10 points per class within the following guidelines. This policy begins at the second class.
  • 10 points awarded for students who are on time, stay on task, contribute to the overall class discussions, and complete all required activities during each class.
  • 9-1 points awarded for students who arrive late, do not stay on topic, and come to class unprepared to conduct the lab activity.
  • 0 points awarded for absence from class.
  • Students are allowed no more than two (2) absences.
  • Only excused late attendances will be allowed, but they may not exceed 30 minutes.

Please Note: The instructor has the right to award any point value between 1-10 following the above guidelines.


  • An excused absence must be pre-approved by the instructor
  • Medical absences will only be awarded when the student provides a Drs. note and based upon appropriate situations.
  • Only documented emergencies or unavoidable events will be excused.


The majority of lab activities in this class (and much of what you do for the rest of your life) will be done in teams. As such you will receive a teamwork score at the conclusion of each team assignment.


  1. All safety procedures and rules outlined are applicable to members of this class. 
  2. Approved eye protection devices must be worn at all times when using any of the power equipment in the laboratory setting, if applicable.
  3. Hearing protection will also need to be worn along with eye protection in the lab.   
  4. No food or drink should be brought into the fabrication lab.
  5. After a lab activity, all students are responsible for cleaning up the lab.
  6. If you are not confident in using a certain machine or tool, you should immediately stop using it and report to the instructor. This will not hurt your grading.


Qualified students with disabilities will be provided reasonable academic accommodations if determined eligible by the Office of Students Support Services (OSSS).  Prior to granting disability accommodations in this course, the instructor must receive written verification of a student’s eligibility from OSSS, which is located in Room A-237.  It is the student’s responsibility to initiate contact with the OSSS staff and to follow the established procedures for having the accommodation notice sent to the instructor.

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