Upon the philosophy of the course, the course is designed for student-led, student-centered, and design-based learning approaches. In order for the realization of the philosophy, the course will have below class structure.



  • Each week, the instructor will give a small assignment. Students should complete the assignment before entering the real-time class.


  • Warm Up: Ice breaker, instructor and students can share interesting things.
  • Pre-class Reflection: Reflect on the previous week’s class and pre-class assignments.
  • Lecture: Instructor will deliver course contents. Less one-way delivery, more two-way interactions.
  • Hands-on: With the lecture, students will have opportunities to practice hands-on engineering.
  • Critique: Students will have the chance to provide & receive feedback on the lecture and assignments. Please reflect on “What did I learn?” “Why did I learn this?” “What does it mean that I learn this?”
  • Wrap up for the day: Upon the critique, students will need to post the class reflections on their Open Portfolio. During the class, the instructor will give students approximately 5-10 minutes to draw out a big picture for the weekly critique. The big picture could be forms of questions, titles and sub titles, drawings, or mind maps.


  • Post reflection: Each week, students should write a reflection on their Open Portfolio based on the class discussion, critique, and reflection.
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