Fall 2017 - Professor Kate Poirier

Category: Midterm

Geometry round-up

For part of your midterm on Tuesday, you will be asked to solve a geometry problem. You have completed many such problems as part of Homework 2 and Homework 6. Last year, the assignments for Homework 2 and 6 were almost the same; here are links to one of the student’s solutions…her work is extremely clear and you will probably like to look at her solutions (especially HW 6) to prepare.

HW 2


Geogebra round-up

You will have a Geogebra component on next Tuesday’s midterm. Here are the Geogebra projects from last year and from this year (including the samples I linked before). Take a look at each of them to see the Geogebra skills you’ll be required to demonstrate on the midterm.

Last year:

The Theorem of Menelaus

Ptolemy’s Theorem

Morley Theorem

Desargue’s Theorem

Napolean’s Theorem

Simson’s Theorem

Extended Law of Sines

Circumscribed circle and circumcenter

Angle bisector concurrence theorem

The medial triangle

This year:


Angle bisector Concurrence Theorem


Circumscribed Circle & Circumcenter


(Geogebra link?)


Desmos round-up

Here are links to this year’s and last year’s Desmos projects. These are models for the types of Desmos skills you will need on next Tuesday’s midterm.

Last year:

Graphing a quadratic equation and finding the roots

Solving Inequalities

Trigonometry- The Unit Circle

Exponential Functions

Area Between Two Curves

Solving a system of linear/quadratic equation

Determining amplitude, period and phase shift of a wave

Transformations of a polygon in a 2 – coordinate plane

Graphs of linear functions: changing slope and y-intercepts

This year:


Bar graphs




Inverse functions and their graphs



Solving Inequalities

(demos link?)


Transformations of the graph of y=x^2