National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Technology Principle: Technology is essential in teaching and learning mathematics; it influences the mathematics that is taught and enhances students’ learning.

Course description: Students will examine the rationale and pedagogy for the effective use of technology in the middle and high school mathematics classrooms. The technologies considered may include graphing calculators, computer algebra systems, spreadsheets, and dynamic geometry software.

As is clear from the description above, this course focuses on math content, pedagogy, and technology. At times, we will zero in on just one of these areas and at other times, we will examine their intersections.

For much of the course, we survey a selection of tools that are available now to discuss math content, pedagogy, and technology.  This course will not provide comprehensive step-by-step instructions for any individual tool, nor will it provide an introduction to every possible tool. Rather, will explore different tools’ features and capabilities, as well as applications of these in the classroom. Technology changes quickly and learning to learn how to use these tools will equip students to adapt to new tools in the future.