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Project #4 Research Article – Yasmine

Title: The Effects of Using Computer Technology with Lower-Performing Students: Technology and Student Mathematics Achievement

Author: Hosin Shirvani, University of Texas-Pan American, TX, USA

Source: International Journal of Learning Date: February 1, 2010


The article is about a study that examined whether lower-achieving Students benefit from using computers in classroom or not. According to the study, it shows that lower-performing students who use computer technology class learned more that those who have no access to computers in classroom. However, when the study examined all students (lower-performing and higher-performing students) it shows no significant difference.

How we can make computers more effective tools in the classroom?

According to the article it shows that some teachers are lack of experience using technology in classroom and that makes computers technology ineffective tools. So it is so important that teachers have to be expert in technology when they need to. Even with expert teachers in technology, I think it is so important to have effective strategies that make teachers deliver the lessons through the technology in effective ways. Teachers should know when and why they should use technology in classroom. Also, in some mathematical concepts, they are better to be taught in traditional ways, which means teachers do not have to use computers for every single lesson they teach.

Another factor that can be taken into account is students attitude toward technology. Nowadays, it appears that students are more comfortable using technology in classroom however there are still few students who need more time to adapt to technology. I think that it is easier for them to learn how to use technology than learning math itself so they need to be pushed by teachers. For lower-performance students, I think technology gives them more chance to express themselves and be more confident specially when they get direct feedback as the article mentions.

From personal experience during my field observation in middle school, middle grade students are more engaged to do math problems in computers than when they do in traditional way and that makes students less distracted to other students.

Finally, in general, students need technology with taking many factors into account to help them improve their knowledge.

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