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Final exam topics

  1. Desmos Activity Builder – You will create a short activity for students. I’ll include some instructions below.
  2. Geogebra – This component will be similar to the Geogebra component on your midterm.
  3. Graphing calculators – I’ll ask you one of the 6 questions you considered for Project #3. Don’t forget your calculator!
  4. Research article – You will write a short essay based on your classmates’ presentations for Project #4.

Desmos Activity Builder:

  1. Head to teacher.desmos.com
  2. Sign in using your usual Desmos account.
  3. From the left-hand side of the screen, select Custom.
  4. From the upper-right-hand side of the screen, select New Activity.
  5. Give your activity a name.
  6. Now you can start building your activity! Start adding different elements to your first screen.
  7. To add another screen, select Add New Screen by clicking on the green plus sign from the left-hand side of the screen.
  8. To see what the students would see, select Student Preview from the upper-right.
  9. Your work is saved automatically but to share your work you must create a class code. One way to do this is to go back to the main screen, select Custom again, and then select your activity. From that screen, select Create Class Code.


Myth #2 about calculators

Because calculators do all of the work for the student he/she will not be  stimulated or challenged enough  . both report and article expose to this which is not true at all  Calculator only do the low level tasks of computation they don`t think  calculators can speed up the leaning process calculators permit student to work enough problems to discover and observe patterns in mathematics student will also be able to focus on useful particular applications  for theories and concept they learn in class which is absolutely true.  This myth is not true at all because as the report say calculators do the low level task of the math problem and instead accelerate their work and  it let them achieve.

the report about calculator using

I really agree with the report every things in this report convinced me , from the beginning when it mention its calculator make the low level math until the time when the report discuss those myths which is really make me think more clear its really wasting of time if we depending on pencil and paper to finish our work and we will never finish or progress.

home work about the beneficial of calculators

I read the report and its really a great report  shows how the calculator benefit the students and the teachers as well , this report and also the article discuss the benefit of the calculators also shows some of the bad side affect both some parents and some teachers think , especially those old parents and the teachers they  not use to these technology , also some of the new generation think that calculators prevented student from progress which is not true the report has mention many myths about the use of calculators. which really convinced me a lot, calculators meant to  be helpful for student in computation which is the low level part of math , its true we all knows how to compute but when the student reach to a higher level need time to think and explore more than  wasting the time for computation.

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