Fall 2017 - Professor Kate Poirier

Author: Hanan

Research Article-Hanan

a) Mathematics teacher education advanced methods: an example in dynamic geometry by Ghislanine Gueudet.


b) This article is all about the importance of proper training. Teachers are trained in many different areas but when it comes to technology, the training is weak and teachers at times do not grasp the idea. This article talks about a program called pairform@nce that is used during training that helps train teachers on how to implement technology in their classrooms properly. In this training, teachers work together and follow three principles to successfully implement technology in math classrooms.



c) How does proper teacher training improve lessons in the classroom?

Training sessions are filled with a bunch of information at one time. There are many different situations teacher can be put in in terms of technology in the class. What program do I use? Can I use it? How does this relate to my lesson plan? DEG was then developed to create a better way to help teachers have access to free technological software where students can directly manipulate, conjecture, test and prove using inquiry. Teachers work with their colleagues to create, implement and reflect on their work. This was created from one formula, Document = Resources + Scheme of utilization (integration of practice and knowledge). What you create is based on what you have and how you integrate it in your class with the students.



d)What was the biggest change the old way of training as compared to the articles way of training?

Three Principles

* The Reflexive Investigation Principle : understanding long-term processes as documental (recording logs, gathering information over time.)

*The Design-In-Use Principle :Resources evolve, you must constantly evolve with it.

*The Collective Principle : listen and explore the views of your colleagues as well.

Myth #2 about calculators

Because calculators do all of the work for the student he/she will not be  stimulated or challenged enough  . both report and article expose to this which is not true at all  Calculator only do the low level tasks of computation they don`t think  calculators can speed up the leaning process calculators permit student to work enough problems to discover and observe patterns in mathematics student will also be able to focus on useful particular applications  for theories and concept they learn in class which is absolutely true.  This myth is not true at all because as the report say calculators do the low level task of the math problem and instead accelerate their work and  it let them achieve.

the report about calculator using

I really agree with the report every things in this report convinced me , from the beginning when it mention its calculator make the low level math until the time when the report discuss those myths which is really make me think more clear its really wasting of time if we depending on pencil and paper to finish our work and we will never finish or progress.

home work about the beneficial of calculators

I read the report and its really a great report  shows how the calculator benefit the students and the teachers as well , this report and also the article discuss the benefit of the calculators also shows some of the bad side affect both some parents and some teachers think , especially those old parents and the teachers they  not use to these technology , also some of the new generation think that calculators prevented student from progress which is not true the report has mention many myths about the use of calculators. which really convinced me a lot, calculators meant to  be helpful for student in computation which is the low level part of math , its true we all knows how to compute but when the student reach to a higher level need time to think and explore more than  wasting the time for computation.

Solving Inequalities

In this lesson I will  give Examples about the inequalities  making sure that my student knows the different between the symbol  >,< or bigger than or equal or less than or equal  ,I will make sure they will knows where they have to shade in order to find the solution , where up the line or down the line, the line should be solid or should be dash line , and of course I will make them under stand the graph it self and how they use desoms  in order to solve the inequality equation.


Solving Inequalities

I will teach lesson explaining how to solve inequality and how you graph it using the graph line and also use  desmos  in order to benefit from using the technology in order to let the student understand the topic more clear, I have to mention to my student the meaning of the inequality and to make sure that the students have the ability to distinguish  between the   inequality

signs <, >  and also the signs bigger than or equal and smaller than and equal . I will teach my student how to solve those equation having the inequality signs and let them graph it at the board also I will make sure they knows how to use desoms  in order to show their solution for the inequality equation








































Introducing my self

My name is Hanan , I am a mother of 4 kids¬†, before marriage I was studying pharmacy unfortunately I didn’t finish it , later on I decided to finish my education I¬† choose to be a math teacher since I have experience with kids from school I use to attend to help them in math courses , its really not an easy thing to do especially when you have kids and too much responsibilities , I love people and I love to deal with any kind , I feel like every one has a unique personality . Math is a very interesting subject¬† still I feel you still need to study and work more in order to be achieve , My goal is to make sure I understand the¬† topic¬† so I will be able to explain it to my student clearly , and finally I will say every body has a dream¬† and we all try to make it , but if we couldn’t we¬† try ¬†and¬†¬† no body perfect in this life.