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Test #1 – extra-credit assignment

As announced in class today, you can resubmit a completed test #1 to boost your test grade up to 20%. This extra-credit assignment has two components: Print out and complete test #1. You are encouraged to make a rough copy … Continue reading

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Test #1 Review Question

I have not gotten the hang of latex yet, so I hope you’ll still be able to understand the question. This also may be a fairly easy question. Use the appropriate rules or combination of rules to find: (d/dx)(x^2sin(x)+2xcos(x)-2sin(x))

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Review Question

Solve the following question by using chain rule. y=((x-3)/(x+3))^4

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My Question

I believe this question is quite easy but lets not neglect these simple questions. Investigate lim(x->0) (1-Cos(h))/h^2 numerically and graphically. Then prove that the limit is equal to 1/2.

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test review

1) let f(x)= and g(x)= x^2+5x-1 differentiate: f(x)+g(x), f(x)*g(x), f(x)/g(x),( f(x))^g(x) and 2) f(x)= a) evalute the continuity at x=0 b) Is the function derivable at x=0?

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My Question(s)

Fairly easily. I can surely say we can all agree we don’t want any hard questions. (PS: I have no idea how to use laTeX, so I hope you guys can understand my fail attempt to write a math problem … Continue reading

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Test Review Question

In y=mx+b form, what is the equation of a line tangent to f'(x) at x=1/2 if f(x)=e^(2x)+3x-6?

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Test # 1 Peer Review Question Sorry for the picture. Will need time to get used to latex.

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Peer Review Question

Sample peer review Q for the test. Is the derivative of a product the same as product of the derivatives? i.e. it is true that Find a counterexample: (aka Prove the product rule). -Izzy

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