Test #1 Review

Assignment Description

Your first test will cover all the material we’ve covered up to and including section 3.9. Your job–as a class–is to put together a review sheet to help prepare for this test. Each person in the class is responsible for

  • adding one question to the list,
  • answering someone else’s question,
  • checking someone else’s solution and/or commenting on it.

The class as a whole is responsible for ensuring the list of questions is complete in the sense that it reflects all the material that has been covered. You should check previous submissions before adding your own. You’re welcome to add more than one question if you notice that a particular topic is not yet represented.

Submission Instructions

Create a new post for each question. You may use \LaTeX to typeset the math symbols in your questions, or you can post a photo of a hand-written question. If you’re including the graph of a function, you can include a photo of a hand-drawn graph. Before submitting, you can preview your post to make sure the \LaTeX has compiled correctly. Make sure you change the category from “Uncategorized” to “Test #1 Review.”

Answer someone else’s question as a comment on their post, and check/comment on someone else’s answer as a reply to the comment. This should keep things organized.

You’re welcome to add comments even if someone else has already commented. If you’re unsure of what a question is asking you to do, you can ask the original poster what to do by leaving a comment on their post. It’s okay for these things to become conversations.

What makes a good test review question?

There’s not really an easy answer to this. Up to this point, you’ve been responsible for some concrete calculations (like Webwork questions) and for some more conceptual or theoretical problems (like those you write up by hand). Your test will contain a few questions of each type, and it’d be good for you to try to think of questions of each time for this review.

For examples of concrete calculations, see the final exam review sheet for MAT 1475 on the math department webpage (I’m having trouble accessing it right now, but will try to remember to provide a link later).

Theoretical or conceptual problems might be harder to find, but your textbook sometimes provides some nice ones at the end of the exercises in each section. True/false and multiple-choice questions are (believe it or not) sometimes good ways of checking that somebody understands the concepts. You might like to try coming up with a question that begins with, “Which of the following statements are true?” or “Which of the following graphs exhibit the following property?”

I’ll be here to help with your submissions, as will your classmates, so don’t worry about being unsure. Everyone’s nice. Just try asking a question you think is interesting.


I know you’re just getting the hang of typesetting math using LaTeX. You can try out your code before submitting here.


Your test is Wednesday, March 12. You–as a class–should have a complete set of questions, along with answers and comments, by Monday’s class, March 10.

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