Final grades, etc.

Hi everyone! I’ve just submitted your overall grades to the registrar. I used the two grading schemes we discussed in class, and then just used the higher of the two for your official grade, but I know that many of you will want to know the explicit breakdown. I’ve been without regular internet access the past few days, and will continue to be without for the next few as well…but when I get a chance I’ll wrestle with Excel and upload all the grades to Blackboard’s Grade Center so you can see ’em.

I also wanted to say again how much I’ve enjoyed teaching this class this semester. For me, it’s fun experimenting with different ways of teaching material that I’ve taught before, and your willingness to go with it made it really nice for me…it certainly made those early mornings easier! I know it’s been tough at times, but I hope you all got as much out of it as you had hoped you would at the beginning of the semester. I wish you all a happy summer and best of luck for the future!

AND FINALLY…if you are planning to take MAT1575 (Calculus II), please do consider enrolling in my section: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am. I’d love you have each of you in my class again.


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