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Ham Sandwich Theorem

You Cut. I Choose.  I have an older brother in Texas.  As kids, we adhered to a strict rule when it came to sharing.  Whatever the commodity, one of us cut it in two, and the other got to choose … Continue reading

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Maui Thai roundhouse kick Poster

Poster We still need to work out the spelling on the name of this kick.  And we have to add two citations to our references section, which we will have handy in the morning.  But the images and text bodies … Continue reading

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Webwork Problem

    This Monotonicity problem accepts an answer that doesn’t seem correct to me.  I’m wondering if anyone encountered this?   Thanks! – Andrew

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Test Review Question

In y=mx+b form, what is the equation of a line tangent to f'(x) at x=1/2 if f(x)=e^(2x)+3x-6?

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