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Extra Street Cred

I chose to write a reflection. Option #2 Reviewed by Andrew Maloney (Thank you). Math Reflection Journal  

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Team Muay Thai Final Poster Draft

Final Draft

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Maui Thai Kick Project final draft

Final Draft Cal Project Izzy, Gab, Andy, and Darren

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Muai Thai Kick!

Almost forgot to post this, Team (4): Izzy A, Andrew M, and Darren G and Gabriel. We talked about doing a calculus based project on a Maui Thai Roundhouse kick (Martial Arts- K1 Kickboxing). Still have to figure out the … Continue reading

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Question regarding the WW HW

Alright lads, Given y=(x+sinx)^4 Find g(x) and f(x) such that f 0 g (i.e. f(g(x))) =y. Compute the derivative using chain rule. I got the answer through observation, however I didn’t have a solid method, We know f o g= … Continue reading

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Peer Review Question

Sample peer review Q for the test. Is the derivative of a product the same as product of the derivatives? i.e. it is true that Find a counterexample: (aka Prove the product rule). -Izzy

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