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Topics on Test #2

1) LHopital’s Rule 2) Related Rates 3) Implicit Differentiation 4) Optimizations 5) Anti-derivatives 6) Curve Sketching 7) Extreme Values 8) Monotonicity 9) Shape Of Graphs These are the topics I can think of on the top of my head.  

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Upcoming WebWork

The L’Hopital’s Rule WebWork set is due this coming Sunday. The following sets are due the Sunday after spring break (April 27). They’re pretty long sets, so you should get started on them as soon as you can. Extreme values … Continue reading

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Your upcoming responsibilities

Just a reminder…. WebWork sets due tonight: Rates of change and higher derivatives Related rates Implicit differentiation 2. WebWork set due Sunday night: Linear approximation 3. Extra-credit test grades emailed to me by Sunday night. 4. Group project groups and … Continue reading

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RatesofChange-HigherDeriv #12

What does that mean? with the a.b,c? i treated them as constant but it does not work

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WebWork Related Rates #8 – hint

(Try not to read this hint unless you’ve already attempted the problem.) Everyone’s numbers for this problem might be different, but the main ideas will be the same. You have an upside-down cone and water is flowing in and out … Continue reading

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Today’s missed class – reading and exerices

It seems I’ve mostly recovered from whatever was making me feel bad this morning. Thanks for your well-wishes and sorry you had to wake up early today for nothing! I hope you’re all working hard on your take-home tests and … Continue reading

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WebWork for next week

Third post of the day! Since I expect many of you will be working on test #1, round 2 for Monday…. There will be no written homework component this week. WebWork will be due Tuesday night instead of Sunday night. … Continue reading

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Homework #5 – comments

Homework #5 grades are now posted in Blackboard’s grade center. Don’t freak out that the grades are low: There were only three questions and I think one in particular was a little hard The grade you see is out of … Continue reading

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Written homework solutions 2, 3, 4, 5

Here are my own solutions for most of the written homework that you’ve submitted so far. Let me know if you have any questions. Solutions2 Solutions3 Solutions4 Solutions5

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Homework #6 – due March 9, 10, & 11 (Updated)

WebWork sets Derivatives-ChainRule, Derivatives-InverseTrig, and Derivatives-Exponential-Logs are all due Sunday night. Don’t forget to set your clock FORWARD. Otherwise, these sets will be due an hour before you expect them to be. There is no written component this week. Instead, … Continue reading

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