Dear students

I hope you enrolled in this course to explore your writing skills as a writer because that’s what I did. Well, first, let me introduce myself; I’m Nuha, not Noah! Second, I love writing and reading. I will tell you why I enrolled in this class; first, I want to understand writing and its styles because teachers constantly told me to write a manner that I didn’t like; however, I did it. I came to the united state at the age of ten, and I was confused and struggled to understand a new language all my life. Till this, I learn something about writing that I didn’t know, yet I’m here not to scare you but to prepare for this class! Do not stress yourself because this class is about discovering your writing as a writer and reader, not making you hate writing and reading. I know some will say that I love writing and reading and enjoyed this class, but, in high school, I had to read and write an essay about Shakespeare’s book Hamlet; I was not too fond of Hamlet; I found Shakespeare’s language confusing. Professor Jessica Penner is charming and understanding; she will not force you to write because you will write without being without ask to. My advice for you is to be original with your writing and feel inspired. I did while writing because my thoughts and emotions were always there, so have freedom whenever you write. After all, writing is about the release of our unheard voice.
I enjoyed reading in this class, and the reading we did was by True and Beauty By Ann Patches. I enjoy reading Ann Patches’ “True and Beauty’; it made me think about how precisely the characters were; it made me wonder why she chose Lucy and the narrator’s path, like how Lucy’s facial features. It was hard for me to imagine a person with missing features on the face as I’m not used to it, but it made me think about my writing and how I should be with details. I wondered why the narrator so into Lucy and wants to be Lucy’s friend, like how she talks about her as if she is a stalker that hides yet wants to be noticed. Another question I had why Ann Patchett made similarities with the narrator and Lucy. Lucy’s behavior didn’t shock me but, how Ann Patchett was detailed about Lucy’s personal life was uncomfortable. I like reading the story already because there is a message behind it. During this time, I think we all struggle with life, and writing was my best friend; we are stuck in our homes just listening without feeling to the professor speaking and giving an assignment. But I think this experience made students appreciate going to school and being with and friends. This quarantine and online learning were challenging, and I found it hard to focus on school.