Hi future student,

My name is Joselin and I was a student who attended this creative writing course during the spring term of 2021. Hope this letter finds you well! I’m writing to you because I want to give you a heads up on what to expect from this class. First off, I really enjoyed the work that was given in this course. We learned how to interpret different writing pieces like short stories, poems, dialogues, etc. One of my favorite assignments we had was the short stories. Personally, I like writing and thinking about coming up with my own plot. It was entertaining to me to say the least.

Online classes were honestly a challenge, its difficult to meet people online. Professor Penner on the other hand, encourages you to share ideas or thoughts. Its a challenge to keep up with online school sometimes you can feel unmotivated, and I’ve had moments where it felt overwhelming. If you ever feel discouraged, taking a break and walking around a park or something can help you clear your mind.

Honestly this class was great. I can apply what I’ve learned to my other classes especially when giving presentations or working on english assignments. You learn how to interpret things from a different point of view and how words can have more than one meaning. Have fun taking this class and good luck!