My cousin and I had disagreements about young girls getting married and teaching about intimacy in schools or at homes!

R: oh guys, have you heard that she had a miscarriage because she had a virus? Also, her sister-in-law was terrified when she found out she was pregnant.

M: I feel bad because these girls are still young and don’t understand the responsibility of marriage!

N: im speechless I don’t know what to say anymore, and if I do, of course, they will be an argument!

M: I agree, but what can we do?!

N: I hate to say this, but I will say it if any of you chooses not to speak up, then she has to face the consequences; I don’t care what you think!

R: N because you live in America, it doesn’t give the right to say that. You don’t know anything about living back home.

N: please don’t tell this bullshit; my parents and your parent’s generation were so open and well educated. I don’t know why our country and the people are going a step backward. I know I can’t change everything, but some things needed to stop, and if you guys aren’t doing anything, why do you speak?

M: that’s true, N, and yup, if I didn’t speak up, nobody will speak for me, and there is nothing I could do about it because everyone made it seem normal.

R: N, you can’t change, and what are you going to change anyway? You can’t change anybody’s fate, destiny, or what’s written!

N: if I can’t change, we need to be normalized, such as sex education in school with the parent’s consent and stopping arrange marriage!

R: excuse me? What the hell are you saying? You can’t force or tell young girls about sex; only their husband will.

N: wtf? What are you saying? Girls have the right to know what will happen when they get married and learn about their bodies! R, don’t put your personal life into others’ personal life. Also, when they understand this, most married young girls won’t be terrified when they get married.

R: Who are you to say that to girls it’s disrespectful, plus the mothers will teach their daughters!

N: M when you got married, did you know anything about the intimacy you and your husband will have?

M: My mother taught me everything about life responsibility and marriage but never told me about intimacy.

N: R, it doesn’t because your mother told you that every other girl is like you. Plus, didn’t you tell me that the girl was terrified when she knew she was pregnant?

R: N, you can’t come and force or say that to school h because girls will know when they get married.

N: look, I don’t care about what you say because your aunt told me that she did not know anything when she got married! Look, what im trying to say is if I were back home, I would suggest the mothers if they want to teach or bring someone to teach the girls about their bodies because that’s their right, and even if our culture doesn’t like that. Or if they want to tell someone, they trust to educate their daughters if they are shy or embarrassed to speak with their daughters.

R: N, the mothers teach their daughters, plus when girls get married, her husband will lead the way.

N: R, look, I don’t know why you think men know everything because they don’t! Most men in our country don’t even know what happens in their bodies and will teach me! Please shut up. Men in our country are not educated, and if your husband is like that with you, then it’s on you, not the innocent, pure girls.

R: N no, my husband isn’t like that, but your point is wrong. I don’t know why you are trying to bring the society you live into our culture.

N: look, R, not trying to be disrespectful, but in America, they teach about sex education so boys and girls will know what will happen and it’s normal for their body to change. I don’t want to get into details because you already know that, but I don’t particularly appreciate how you keep saying, men and men. My fiancé should be ready when I am direct and honest with him; he shouldn’t think I will do everything for him! Life is about learning and educating ourselves; even our religion is telling us to educate ourselves! I don’t want to argue with you because everyone has a different opinion and perspective on things.