Prof. Jessica Penner | OL02 | Spring 2021

Alexsis Arvelo, Dialogue (Revised)

Dialogue 1

Aria: Patient Tom Smith doesn’t have his paperwork, what should I do?

(Janice looked at Aria and rolled her eyes in frustration)

Janice: How do these patients expect to be seen without a referral paper? Then they get mad at me like if there’s anything I can do about it. 

(Aria shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head while looking at Janice)

Janice: Try calling the doctor’s office, if they’re not open he has to reschedule his appointment.

Aria: I already did, they’re closed on Saturdays

Janice: Ughhh, why is everything so complicated, why do I have to repeat myself to these patients over and over again. I’ve been having such a stressful day, everything is just going wrong.

(Janice buries her face into her hands while sighing)

(Aria tried to comfort Janice by placing her hand on Janice’s arm)

Aria: I’ll deal with it, you have a lot going on don’t worry about it, I’ll figure it out

(Janice gives a short smile to Aria while looking at her appreciatively and nodding her head)

Dialogue 2

(Sitting on the bathroom floor, loud music playing in the background)

Stella: Why does it hurt so much, I don’t want to be sad anymore

Ava: Because it has to hurt before you can get better but you won’t be sad forever I promise

(Stella leans into Ava for a hug and buries her head in her chest as she cries into Ava)

(Ava strokes Stella’s hair and kisses her head)

Ava: You’re going to be ok, I love you

Stella: We can’t even say hi to each other. He’s in the same apartment as me and we can’t say one word to each other. I love him so much why did he have to hurt me

(Ava sighs and pulls Stella away from her chest while grabbing her face)

Ava: You are more than enough for him or any boy in this world and if he can’t see that then he doesn’t deserve you. You deserve someone so much better than that I promise you.

(Stella wraps her arm around Ava, embracing her in a hug)

Stella: You’re my best friend, I don’t know how I would get through this without you.


  1. Ralph Ayala

    I enjoy how the use of the characters actions and emotions behind the dialogue express the emotions of the scenes on a clear level.

  2. DeAndre Badresingh

    I like how sorts of stage directions were used to help us understanding what is going on throughout the dialogues.

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