To future students,

Welcome to the creative writing class!

School is tough. College is tough! But I can promise you that this class is a lot of fun!

This isn’t your traditional English class. Of course, you’ll read a lot, but there’s something special about creating something original. In this class, you can really express yourself in any way you want. Personally, the memoirs were a lot of fun! I wrote a funny, wild story for one and a more heartfelt one for the other. What I really liked was being able to explore different ways of expression. I let my comedic chops out for my second memoir about a fight I almost had at work. For the first one about comic books and the effects it has had on my life and my family, I let out a bit of a softer side of me. To me, letting some of my emotions from all sides of the spectrum was calming and therapeutic. I think I might start journaling now as well. I learned not to let your mind get clogged with ideas, emotions, or messages; let them out!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all my English classes here at City Tech. This one is special though. I think I had to veer from research papers and argumentative essays and whatnot, and talk about what I want to talk about. Whether it be a silly story from my crappy high school job, or sharing a little bit of my journey to this school, this creative writing class was much more important to me than I’d ever thought it could be. I would love to continue writing. Maybe just for myself for now, but I wouldn’t mind an audience down the line. I discovered a talent for creative writing and most importantly, a love for it.

But for you, future student, my best advice is to be curious and have fun with this class. There isn’t a wrong or right thing to write about, and in my experience, the best work is work that is written authentically and from the heart. If you’re like me, then you have lots to say and don’t have a platform to say it on. This is your platform. Enjoy it!

Good Luck!