Writing poetry for this class was lots of fun! When I first approached this, I didn’t know how to start. Normally, when I think of poetry, I think flowing rhymes and a certain rhythm. Going in, I thought my poem had to feel a little sing-songy if you will.  But it doesn’t. My poems were very free-style. I thought really hard about what I had to write about and nothing came about. I wanted this to be special though; something that meant a lot to me and anyone that could relate. To start, I opened a word document and decided on a topic: College. I wrote about how no matter how small it might be, I was still proud to be in school. Kids like me don’t always get the chance to do so, so I’m glad I am where I am. To be honest, after that, words just barfed from my head. It felt good to let people know what I felt. After a little polish, I think I can say I wrote very good poems that I’m proud of.