Dear future students,

 if there’s one thing you should know about this class, it’s to be prepared for anything. What I mean by this is that creative writing doesn’t come with a specific set of instructions, it doesn’t come with a manual on how to guide through it correctly, that’s the point of the class, to be creative. What I would recommend getting the most out of this class would have to be to challenge yourself to think outside the box, anything that pops into your head that you think is “good enough” should always be challenged to become better than what it is. What I wish someone would have told me before I started this class would be that you can’t come in with specific expectations on how the class will go, sure you can have a general idea of what you would like the class to be, but a creative writing class is not meant to fit any standards or expectations, it’s about the freedom of your thoughts and how you put it on paper and that’s not something you can restrict with rules or expectations. The writing assignment that I would choose as my favorite would have to be the short stories, the reason why I chose the short stories would be because it gave me a safe space to explain my life experiences but in the third person view with a fictional setting. It really opened my eyes to how much racial inequality I face within the world, and how I will never be able to go through life the same way a person with racial privilege can. after going through this class, I would say that it did interest me into reading/writing more creatively because I’ve realized that throughout most of my academic career, a lot of the writing I have accomplished was based on what an instructor wanted to be done, it was never based on what I wanted to be done and how I can build off of that with my own thoughts and imagination, I really do think that someone that starts this class will leave with a different perspective on how they should write and how powerful their writing can be even if they feel like it’s not their best.