Everyone is not gonna be perfect. Let alone be the best version of themselves from a very young age. There are a lot of things that one person experiences to bring out the better version of themselves and cope up with obstacles. In life you can’t always be the same person over and over again. Just like how the newest smartphones and laptops get an update for a newer version of themselves each year, we humans also need to update ourselves with information and keep ourselves updated with the world. That’s why we go to schools and colleges. That’s like an update for humans and helping them be what they want to be in life. 

The moment in life that changed my life was when I realized loyalty is more important than royalty. People can show you love and affection but it is not going to be true all the time. But some people won’t show you love and affection but they would be there for you regardless. It is very hard to find people with loyalty. People just want to take advantage of things and other people.  The moment that changed my life was when one of my friends was nice to me but was talking bad things behind my back to other people. It was not cool nor was necessary. But I have been friends with that friend for a long time so I trusted I didn’t know that friend was using my trust. I learned it the hard way because he stated that I was unnecessary and started to hang out with other friends that I introduced him with. Sometimes it just shows what type of person you are when you do things like this. I didn’t feel bad for not being friends with him but I felt bad that I trusted him and he broke that trust of mine. 

That time I found that loyalty is what I need more than royalty from anyone in the world. That kind of made me look at things in a different perspective and kind of just find myself in a situation where I make decisions to be the better version of myself. In general, that incident changed me to look at things in a more sincere way and figure out what I want more and what I don’t want at all.  Now when I meet new people, I always use the phrase “Loyalty over Royalty.”.