In the year 1960 in Great Britain a place called Birmingham there were two cousins. One is called Tommy Shelby and the other one is called Arthur shelby. They are two cousin brothers but they both dont get along with each other. But they are a part of a big mafia gang in the city so they do what they do best which is looting and robbing and gambling. One day Tommy and Arthur went to rob a bank since it was one of their planned schedules for the week and after robbing the bank they both decided to go somewhere distant and just take a rest and lay low for a few days. ANd they split the money 50-50.

 It was in the middle of the day. Around 4:30 pm they went to rob the bank. They didn’t care if there were too many people. Because they are a mafia gang everyone is scared of them. They don’t need to worry. The way the robbery works is not like a standard way of robbing the bank. Not with goons and guns, but with fear. They suddenly go into the bank and go directly to the manager’s office and sit down and by that time the manager already knows what to do. The brothers tell the amount the managers give to them. That’s it. 

So in this particular robbery their head name is polly grey. She said that whoever brings the most money will get to marry her. And polly grey was one of the prettiest ladies in the town that was fearless of the mafia gang. And she knows how to tame a crazy horse. So both of them did not want to miss out on this chance. So when they are robbing the bank the biggest challenge that they are thinking about is who gets to take the most money home. So they told the manager to put more money in the bag. They both took the manager on the corner one by one to talk to him about some business but in reality they both were asking the manager to put extra money in the bag and threatening him to his core. It was a battle of who can say more harsh stuff.  

As the manager put all the money and handed over the bags Arthur Shelby’s bag felt less than Tommy shelby. Now here is one thing about Arthur Shelby that you must know. And that is he is a mad man. He is really a mad man. He takes pills to keep himself calm. That’s who he is. So he instantly got mad and shot the manager. By seeing that TOmmy got mad and started to argue with him. As Arthur reached out to pull Tommy’s bag. Tommy slapped on his hand with his gun and told him to cut it off. Then they both got mad and started to scream at each other for who is going to take the bigger bag home so that they can marry polly grey. At the end both Arthur and Tommy Shelby lost their temper and boht shot themselves to death. 

After getting the news the Polly grey starts laughing and telling everyone that there won’t be any more looting, no more robbery and no more gang violations. Since it’s her smart plan that she got rid of the two gangsters that were causing trouble for the citizens. Hence, she became the face of woman empowerment around the 1900’s,