Scene one


Two Late teens from Christian families, seating on a porch in the tropics on one afternoon dress in box pleated skirt with top tuck in the skirt. No makeup, hair pull back in a tight bun. A tropical attire.

Sally – hey Judy, what’s up

Judy – nothing much, just here thinking about class tomorrow.

Sally – me too, cannot wait to see what Mike will be wearing tomorrow. You know, his the most handsome boy in our class

Judy – hell no! Mike dresses nice but he is not handsome.

Sally – Girl, you don’t know what handsome look like. What about Mike that make you say his is not handsome?

Judy – Mike Have a big nose and he laugh funny

Sally – Anyway, what did you think about church service today?

Judy – I love when its Nidie who sing collection songs. Today she nailed that Hosanna.

Sally – You think Nidie sings better than Pandora? Cause at dismissal Pandora along with the band almost blow off the roof.

Judy – girl, I have news

Sally – what?

Judy – I will be going to America for a year. I get the scholarship I told you about.

Sally – Oh my God! Girl I am so happy for you. When are you leaving?

Judy – One week from today.

Sally – I am going to miss you

Judy – yea, me too but it is only for one year. I will be back before you know it.

Scene two


[A year is up, and Judy is back like promised] Judy is wearing extremely long wavy hair, a lot of makeup, very tight skinny jeans, and crop top. An oversize sunglass on top of her head. Conversation resume on the sofa in a living room

Judy – [ Standing on the front porch Shouting] Sally, Sally.

Sally – OMG, [looking surprise] you are here, come on in, can’t wait to hear all about America. My mom told me that you were coming but you are here already.

Judy – anyway my family is having a bar-b-que this afternoon and I want you to come so we can catch up

Sally – so sorry to disappoint you but I have two assignment papers due on Monday and I need to go over them including some math’s but if I finish early, I will come by

Judy – girl I can help you that way we can finish sooner

Sally – ok great!

Judy – What type of English is that? What did you write, you have so many spelling errors?

Sally – Spelling errors, I spell checked the paper, I was more concerned about sentence structure.

Judy – simple words like color, behavior, flavor you spell incorrectly. Why is there a “U” in those words? [call out the words: behaviour, flavour, colour.

Sally – why do you think that its spelt incorrectly, how would spell it

Judy – [spell the words without the letter u]

Sally – lesson up Judy, you seem to have forgotten that you were British first before becoming American. How dear you forget where you come from. Girl shut up. Just check the structure of the essay. That’s it

Judy – yea girl, sometimes I forget that the Brits spelling is different from American. Glad you remind me. Now lets hurry

[ both ladies laugh]