It was the morning of Clarissa’s bridal shower. She was excited as any girl can be. Her friends have been prepping since she was a little girl. Clarrissa has been dreaming about her dream wedding for as long as she can remember, from color scheme to the exact date, to dress and more. Even though her bridal shower was supposed to be a secret, she has heard several secrets and whispers about what that might look like for her. She picked a pretty rose color to compliment her brown eyes and decided on a half up half down hairstyle. Right when she was looking into the mirror, she noticed a picture of her and Jared. Her heart flutters. Clarrissa is utterly in love with Jared and has been ever since they met at work. She saw him and knew that was the man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life.Throughout their relationship they had issues within but from separating and coming back together, she never stopped loving him.They’ve been dating for 4 years and because her career is now on a stable path, they both came to a conclusion that it was a perfect time to get married. She couldn’t be more excited to marry the love of her life. 

All of a sudden Clarrissa’s phone goes off, it’s her best friend Gigi. Gigi and Clarissa have been best friends for as long as she can remember. They’ve been together throughout everything. “Hey gorgeous, do you want the good news or bad?” Not a way to start a conversation, especially the morning of but she decided to go with it. “Tell me the bad news so I can cover up with the good”. “Okay well, Marie is coming, Jared had asked me to involve her, and I wanted to let you know so you don’t flip”. “My confused mind was extremely lost. “Marie? As in the girl he dated Marie?” “Yeah, but here I am already throwing in the good news for you, she’s taken so there’s no worries”. Marie and Jared go way back. They dated and then she got married, then they became friends. It was one of the reasons Clarissa and Jared broke up in the beginning, he didn’t want to stop keeping contact. Even though it seems odd she reminded herself that Marie was married, and she was now marrying Jared so there was no issue. “Okay no problem”. “Are you sure? I can tell her not to come”. “No, it’s fine,” she replied. “I’m going to start getting ready, I’ll see you soon”. As much as things were not adding up in her head, Clarissa decided not to let it get to her. 

It was almost lunch time, but a few errands needed to be run before she got ready. Clarissa grabbed her keys and went to pick her heels and buy a pair of earrings to match her dress. She decided to grab an acai bowl on her way home to keep lunch small. It was finally time to get ready for her bridal shower. She kept the makeup light with light glitter shadow, mascara, pink blush and lip gloss. Her gorgeous rose dress fit her body perfectly. She matched her dress with rose pink heels. Lastly adding her silver hoop earrings contrasting the rose color. She grabbed her keys and walked out the house. The ride there was only 15 minutes. She looked stunning. Even though Marie being there bothered her a little bit, she wanted this to be a night to remember. She calls her best friend and lets her know she’s coming to the bar. As she’s walking in, she feels a splash of confetti and a “surprise scream”. Barely opening her eyes, she sees everyone. From childhood friends who she hasn’t met in ages, to cousins, and Gigi. Clarissa lets out tears. There were tables of her favorite foods and a bubble tea stand because she loves boba. There are photo booths because Gigi knows how much she loves pictures. Her favorite of all is all the handmade cards made for her. She couldn’t be even more grateful. “Let’s get this party started!” Throughout the entire, there were shots and drinks all around. Everyone got drunk to their core dancing on each other. All of a sudden, she hears a voice “HEYYY”. Gigi and Clarissa turn around. It was Marie. She was gone out of her mind. You can smell the weed and alcohol in her breath from a mile away. “Hey” Gigi and Clarissa both say. She touches Clarissa’s hair and tells her she needs to tell her something. Her heart dropped to her stomach. Her gut feeling knew. She knew. Gigi already has her fist ready. “What is it?” Clarissa replies. “Jared and I still flirt, and he still has feelings for me”. Clarissa couldn’t speak. “I thought you guys stopped speaking?” “We did but we rekindled, even though we haven’t slept together, there’s chemistry. I’m not sorry but I thought you should know.” Clarissa thought her world was over. She watched her fingers turn blue and the world slowly turn black. Next thing you know, Clarissa is passed out on the floor of her own bridal shower.