Scene one

Setting: Leaving the paintball arena in Brooklyn after 3 hours of straight fun and full of laughs. The group is hungry and thinking about where to eat. Currently around 5 pm and everyone is sweaty after running around and shooting. 

Liam: Oh my god, my legs are killing me!!

Mia: Bro my body hurts, the other team had me running around and sh*t. 

John: Bro Liam, you and Justin had me weak whenever yall got shot (Laughing).

Justin: I swear on everything, they’re good at shooting, I don’t even know how they shoot my hand from that far bruh!! 

Liam: Yeah exactly! It’s like that group comes here every day or something (Laughs) anyways, I’m hungry, anyone know a spot?

John: Let’s go to this nice restaurant in Yonkers, and then we can hit the movie theater.

(Everyone agrees with the plan) 

Liam: Alright since you got your license, you can drive. My legs are dead.

John: I got you, everyone let’s go.

Scene Two

Setting: Everyone is walking to the parked car. Liam gives John the keys and everyone gets in the car. John starts it up and they all head off to Yonkers. Air conditioner to the max due to the hot weather. Mia and the group fall asleep during the ride except for John and Liam. 

(30 Minutes into the ride)

John: Bro I hate NYC traffic. It’s so annoying. 

Liam: Tssss, tell me about it. This is why I don’t want a car in this city. 

(15 minutes later Liam notices John’s driving) 

Liam: Bro, you making me nervous.

John: (Laughs) Ha, what do you mean?

Liam: You know what I mean … You didn’t check your blind spot when you merged into the highway. 

John: Bro, calm down. The car literally tells you if there’s someone next to you. 

Liam: Yeah I know, but you can’t always depend on the car bro. Come now.

John: Liam, calm down man. We’ll be fine bruh. 

Liam: Just please check your blindspot. It’s not that hard, and on top of that, this car is a rental under my name so please bro. 

John: Alright (in a “whatever” tone) geez. 

Liam: Thank you.

(25 minutes later, the group safely arrive at their destination)