Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Mamadou Diallo, PoV Story

Kaelin didn’t know when it first started. It was just a peaceful protest. Adults and teens alike lined the city street, raising signs protesting an issue that should have been fixed ages ago but still hadn’t. They had made their way through the city under the watchful eye of the police, stopping them from going to streets to crowded and areas with potential violent opposition. No one could have known that nearly four hours into the protest, when the sun had already set and everything was about to end, that they would meet a street filled with officers in riot gear. By the time anyone even thought of running away they were surrounded. Gas canisters and bullets rained down on the remaining protesters, Kaelin trying to find any sort of cover to protect him. Before he could however, several bullets hit him, sending him to ground writhing in pain. The gas came next, stinging his eyes and burning his throat. The next time he opened his eyes, he could see one of the officers standing a few feet from him. The officer was still blurry to Kaelin, the gas already affecting his vision but he could make out a riot shield in one hand. And in the other…a baton, ready to be used.


  1. nickay82

    At first I thought the story was about the protesters but after the twist about kaelin seeing a officer dress in combat gares standing in front of him with a baton in his hand, the story is about picture A.

  2. Amna Ahmed

    Hi Mamadou, I believe this story is about picture C. In this story, you talk about the protest taking a turn for the worst. The protest becomes more hectic leading to gas canisters and bullets to be used. Therefore, things become blurry because of the gas similar to picture C.

  3. Saja Musa

    Mamadou, great story. I too agree with Nickay that during the beginning of the story when you were describing the protesters I thought the story will be about Picture C. However, when you described the police office with a baton I believe that you are talking about picture A.

  4. Dylan

    Yo Mamadou, awesome job with pretty much everything. I think you wrote about Picture A solely because of the description of an officer in full riot gear. At first I thought you might have used Picture C because of the chaos you described initially, but the final frame you leave in my mind is too specific to be C.

  5. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Mamadou, Your story was really nice to read and has many details in which my guess would be the Picture C, this story seems like it fit it the best. There was a good description of what was going on there and I can add all of that that to that picture, for example of people wearing a riot gear, and the crowd and madness you described in your POV story.

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