Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Maria Mateo, POV Story

Max and Juliette are a young couple living in New York City. They haven’t been that close because of  their jobs for a long time and their relationship has become a bit distant and monotonous. Max felt tired  about this situation and thought about something  that can help their relationship be the  same as before. So, he decided to invite Juliette to Playa del Carmen, Mexico where they met for the first time during a work trip that they both did. Juliette was very excited and put her work aside and decided to escape for a few days with Max. When they arrived at the place where they met for the first time they felt very happy and nostalgic. During the afternoon Max invited Juliette for a walk on the beach and they sat on the sand to watch the sunset and at the same time remember those moments they lived during that trip. After so many laughs and enjoying that moment, Max leaned and kissed Juliette, which both enjoyed.


  1. Jozelyn

    Hi Maria, I believe the picture that you created this story for was picture B. I believe this is the picture because you identified two characters and painted a picture of events that may lead up to a kiss, just like the picture.

  2. Amna Ahmed

    Hi Maria, your story relates to picture B. In your story, you talk about a couple who lean in for a kiss, which happens in picture B.

  3. Mohammed Hashim

    Hello Maria, nice pov story, I also think you discussed picture B in your story because you were talking about a couple kissing which is what picture depicts.

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