Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Marina Malak, POV Story

Tom and Lily grew together, had the same interest in playing soccer even though Tom was not as good as lily at it. Tom and lily kept their friendship throughout elementary and middle school but in high school, things began to change. Tom started hanging out with other friends from his gym class and started to grow away from Lily.  Lily knew that his friendship with them might not end well but she didn’t say anything to Tom because she knew he needed more friends and  didn’t want to ruin it. Tom started hanging out with Samantha, a popular girl that Lily never liked. Lily’s heart started racing, despite the fact that she didn’t know why exactly.Tom was also not happy; he missed Lily’s presence so much and couldn’t stop thinking about her, but he knew he was not around for too long. 

    Lily had a soccer game and invited Tom to be there. Tom really wanted to go but his other friends had other plans in mind. Lily kept looking for Tom but he never showed up, Lily’s team lost the game for the first  time in high school. Lily left crying not only because she lost the game, but she realized that she also lost Tom who was to her more than a bestie. Tom’s heart was also racing, but he knew why; he had feelings for Lily. Tom knew about the game, Tom went to the beach where she usually goes when she feels sad. Lily was sitting in the same spot as always, he called her name and looked in her eyes and finally told her he had feelings for her. Her tears stopped and her eyes started shining, she told him she also had feelings for him and they both had their first kiss.  


  1. Kiara Wright

    This is picture B because in the picture it shows to people lying down on the beach together and when you stated “Tom went to the beach where she usually goes when she feels sad. Lily was sitting in the same spot as always” made it clear.

  2. Robert Rampersaud

    Hello Marina,
    For your POV story I strongly believe it is picture B. Throughout the whole passage is about a couple which most likely had me thinking it was a romantic scene. Also, you stated, “they both had their first kiss”. I was a 100% confident at that point it was picture B.

  3. Angelica Hernandez

    Hi Marina, I belive your POV is based on picture b because the ending of your POV says that they both had their first kiss. In picture b their are two people kissing therefore it is. Good POV by the way!

  4. Mamadou

    I think that this PoV is based on picture B because that is the only picture where two people kissing are shown

  5. Saja Musa

    Marina, I enjoyed reading your story. I believe that your story was influenced by picture B because it portrays a romantic relationship between a couple. Additionally, the kiss at the end of the story is the biggest hint that this story is about picture B because that is the only picture that captures a kiss between a couple.

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