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Kiara Wright Formal critique “The Wife’s Story”

Kiara wright formal Critique 

Creative Writing

Formal Critique

Reviewer’s Name: Kiara Wright

Title of Piece: The Wife’s Story  

Author’s Name: Ursula K. Leguin

In my opinion this story confused me a lot. Only because while i was reading it, i thought i understood it, but as i got close to the end the story started to lose me a bit. Plot: This story is about a wife telling a story about how she met her husband. At first that’s what it looks like. Like she explains how she met him in the first person and it’s like something nice and sweet and she quotes from her sister so the reader can have a clear understanding of what’s going on. With the Dialogue: from the When she was talking to her husband and she stated ”What is that — those smells on you? All over you!” And he said, “I don’t know,” and what i interpreted from this is that the husband probably cheated on her, or the smell of an animal he killed. Did you mean to confuse the reader as they read along? Character: the youngest child that was scared to be near because of the scent that was on him.


  1. Jozelyn

    Hi Kiara, I completely agree with you on how the story was confusing. I also thought I understood the story once there was dialogue that suggested the husband was cheating. I believe the author intended to confuse the reader to for the purpose of suspense and keep the readers guessing.

  2. Angelica Hernandez

    Hi Kiara, I agree at first I was confused aswell I had to reread it inorder to get that the husband turned into a werewolf, but I think that was the authors goal.

  3. Saja Musa

    Kiara, great response. I feel like sometimes for us to understand a piece of literature we may have to read it several times. I agree with you that the plots story was difficult to keep up with. However, my confusion regarding the plot was resolved after I reread the ending of the story which made the beginning and middle clear. However, the author chose to make certain events unclear because he wanted to create suspense.

  4. Mamadou

    I do think that the story was confusing going through it as well. I however found that reveal at the end, the husband being a werehuman, put everything that happened before in the story into place

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