Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Angelica Salazar, POV Story

On a Tuesday evening as Alex was walking home, he thought he sensed the smell of something burning, unconcerned he kept his eyes glued to his phone for most of the walk home. As Alex got closer to turning the corner of his block, he heard the blaring nose of the fire trucks from a distance. Getting closer to the corner he felt the smell of smoke was becoming overwhelming as though he was breathing it directly.  Alex raised his head, in doing so he was shocked to see large clouds of smoke coming from across the street. He noticed a crowd of people walking toward the incident and forming a mob around it. Curiously, Alex started to walk towards the crowd of people to see what had occurred right across the street from his apartment.


  1. Amna Ahmed

    Hi Angelica, based on “large clouds of smoke” I believe your story is picture C. In picture, there is also smoke.

  2. Dylan

    Hey Angelica, I agree with Amna that you wrote about Picture C. The large group of people is what clued me in. It’s the only picture with a crowd.

  3. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Angelica, your story was interesting and very detailed. I like how you added the blaring noises of fire trucks that are in the distance. As well as, when you mentioned a crowd of people, it most closely related to the picture C, with a crowd and lights, seems like it would be noisy as well.

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