A few years back on a fall evening where around this time people wear light sweaters to jackets. There was either a protest or a fire that occurred near downtown Brooklyn. There was so much fog to the point all you can see is the lights on in a building complex to the right and about eight to ten cops wearing those neon color vests so we can tell them apart from the citizens. The cops are trying to make sure that the people are safe and made sure that they don’t go into panic. The cops are just huddled around the people as they want answers to what’s going on. The cops are telling them that everything will be okay but we cannot give any intel in what’s going on to the public. This made the people go into rage mode and they started to protest until the cops gave them an answer. They were chanting “ We are the citizens of this area, we have a right to know what’s going on”. This went on for hours to the point one of the citizens couldn’t take it and they walked and they started to yell and push the cop around. Because of that the cops tear gassed the citizens and that’s why everything was so foggy.